ProCharger Systems

The ULTIMATE Power Adder®

When it comes to force-air induction systems for the Corvette, Camaro, Firebird, GTO and G8, no one offers more advanced, powerful or reliable intercooled supercharger systems.

ProCharger's industry-leading systems allow owners to bolt on 50 to 85% more power to otherwise stock GM engines. With power, reliability and quality far superior to other forced-air induction systems, ProCharger's industry-leading lineup of supercharger systems and tuner kits are an excellent way to add even more power to your GM performance car.


  • C5 LS1 97-04—H/O Intercooled System—55% HP Increase—$9,240.46

  • C5 LS6 01-04—H/O Intercooled System—50% HP Increase—$9,240.46

  • C6 LS2 05-07—H/O Intercooled System—50% HP Increase—$9,240.46

  • C6 LS3 08-11—H/O Intercooled System—45% HP Increase—$9,240.46

  • C6 LS7 06-11—H/O Intercooled System—40% HP Increase—$9,343.37

CAMARO – 2010+

  • High Output Intercooled System—45% HP Increase— $9,028.46

  • Stage 2 Intercooled System— 50% HP Increase—$9,664.46


  • Prices shown with Tax

  • More Kits Available Please Call for Info